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26.05.2003 15:25

Ukraine nominates “Mamay” for “Oscar” competition

Oh! At long last! At last the National Committee for Ukrainian films nomination for “Oscar” competetion has been formed. And at last the film from Ukraine is being nominated for this prize competition, which is awarded by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

On Saturday, May 24, 2003, during the Kyiv Day celebration the first sitting of the Committee was held in the Red Hall of the central renovated “Kyiv” movie-theater. As a matter of fact, ther debut feature “Mamay” directed by Oles Sanin is being nominated for “Oscar” competitoin in the “Best foreign-language film” category.

Among the participants of the National Committee sitting there were the Deputy State Secretary of the Ministry of culture and arts of Ukraine Hanna Chmil, the Head of the Main Culture department of the Kyiv State administration Oleksandr Bystrushkin, members of the National Academy of Arts, as well as the film director Oles Sanin, the film producer Aram Gevorkyan, the members of the cast and the crew. The screening of “Mamay” was the part of the sitting.

At the moment the film is accepted by the technical commission of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and has got the recommendations from the three members of the Academy, which are the first and foremost conditions for film consideration as a nominee in the “Best foreign-language film” category.

Every year almost all filmmaking countries, that is, those producing even few films find the possibility to declare their filmmaking ambitions and potencies with the act of a national movie nomination for “Oscar” competiton. At long last the Ukrainian film community in either way has come to the same understanding.

May the Lord help!..

MAMAY (80’, 35 mm, color). The plot is based on the Ukrainian and Crimean-Tatar eposes. Script-writer and director: Oles Sanin. Director of photography: Serhiy Mykhalchuk. Composer: Alla Zahaykevych. Production designers: Yulian Tikhonov, Andriy Syverynko. Costumes: Halya Otenko, Iryna Klyba. Sound: Olha Kyrylyuk. Editing: Andriy Sanin. Cast: Viktoriya Spyesivtseva, Nazl Seytablayeva, Andriy Bilous, Serhiy Romanyuk, Oles Sanin, Akhtem Seytablayev, Eldar Akimov, Emil Rasilov, Zarema Byelyalova and others. General producers: Hanna Chmil, Aram Gevorkyan. Production: The Dovzhenko National Feature Films Studio, “Zemlya” Creative Unit, West-European Institute, “Freska” film studio, by request of the Ministry of culture and arts of Ukraine.




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